Sunday, December 20, 2009

Text Messaging - All bad?

With all the news about a certain golfer and a certain situation, one issue has fallen from the forefront in the media coverage. The gossip columns and mainstream anchors have moved on to the more sizzling details.  Long forgotten is the cause of the whole golfer turned bad guy scandal. Text messaging. Text messaging and cell phones started this whole mess for the billion dollar athlete. Text messaging has also managed to embarass other public figures as well. Once you hit send the recipient has the power. They can keep your message saved and use it for blackmail or profit, such as the recent case. People need to think before sending messages...better yet, use better all around judgment. First of all, you have no business sending inapropriate messages to anyone other than your spouse.
How do you use your cell phone?
Do you use text messaging and how?
Once a scandal breaks out are text messages  fair game for the media to dispense to the world?