Wednesday, July 22, 2009

At Last: Novel Soundtrack Song 10

This is the final song for The Last Ms. Understanding soundtrack. I hope you've enjoyed our musical journey. I really hope you will enjoy the literary journey as well. Order your copy today with free shipping at Well, what can I say? When you find love it's an unbelievable feeling that you can't describe. A funny feeling comes over you and the world suddenly seems different. Maybe the words of our last song can sum it all up. A legend sings a classic....At Last.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Starting Over?: Novel Soundtrack Song 9

When a relationship reaches the breaking point a decision has to be made. End it or labor on? The decision can sometimes drag on for months on end, while contemplation rages on inside the brain. Sometimes we fear the prospect of starting over. We grow so used to that person being a part of our lives. Even if they begin to get on our nerves, they're still a fixture in our lives. But realistically the time has to come when we're back...on our own. Novel Soundtrack Song 9 is all about starting again. Patti LaBelle and Michael McDonald hit the nail on the head. On my own...

Men In Sandals

Do you think men should wear sandals? With the revival of the infamous flip-flop, sandals are turning up in women's and men's summer wardrobes everywhere. Sure, they're light, comfortable and extremely low maintenance, not to mention easy on the wallet (many places offer two-fer deals on flip-flops, translating to closets full of multi-colored sandals). However, is it fashionably sound to give men more reasons to show their toes? Or are sandals for ladies only?
Join the debate ----
Should men wear sandals?
Are certain styles of men's sandals more "appropriate" for guys to don, such as flip-flops?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Just Can't Pull Away: Novel Soundtrack Song 8

Most people have found themselves drawn to someone before. You can't quite put your finger on it, but you can't turn away. Every word they speak are words that you want to hear. Their laugh, perfect. Their smile, electrifying. The conversation between the two of you flows naturally and with little effort. You feel them becoming a part of your life. You just can't stop it. You're drawn....closer. Ne-Yo sums this up with his words. Closer. Song number 8 on The Last Ms. Understanding soundtrack. (Did I mention that this book was the Shades of Romance Magazine Romance Book of the Year...find out why.)

Step Your Beer Game Up

Are you a beer drinker that can't get enough of that refreshing taste? If not, you're not alone, but here's a secret. You probably haven't had a good beer. A real beer. You may have tried one of the heavily advertised American beers on television. But trust me, you're missing out. Whay is an author discussing beer selections? In my debut novel, The Last Ms. Understanding, the male lead character, Lee Johnson enjoy's a few. Maybe you can too. I recommend that this summer you give beer a second chance. But this time...Step your beer game up! Think of it this way - Does champagne from Walgreen's taste the same as a bottle of Moet? Of course not. Walk into any reputable liquor store in your hometown and ask for one of these 3 beers. if the store owner doesn't carry these brands, slap him across the face and report them to me.

1-Pilsner Urquell (Czechoslovakian Pilsner) First brewed in 1842...Wow

2-Modello Especial (Mexiczn Cerveza) This blows Coronna out the water...

3-Steinlager (New Zealand's Best) Veeerrrryyy smooth taste...

Once you taste a really good beer you will never turn your back on this libation again. Try these three selections and then tell me you don't like the taste...

Whenever You Need a Shoulder: Novel Soundtrack Song 7

When you need a shoulder to cry on, where do you turn? Hopefully it is to your soul mate. Can they be there to comfort, listen, and care? So many times the person we think that wil be the one will let us down in our time of need. Have you ever needed a shoulder or listening ear and found yourself disappointed? One person who will never let us down is Maxwell. he's back with great music but song number seven takes us back a few years. Maxwell...take it away. (Don't forget; soon the DVD soundtrack will be available to win. Keep checking back here to see how)

Who Will Be There?: Novel Soundtrack Song 6

Once you are in a relationship it is important that your significant other always be there for you. Shouldn't they be someone you can count on? Especially when things get rough...In my debut novel, The Last Ms. Understanding that issue comes into play. How you deal with a dissapointment, can sometimes change the course of the relationship. Soundtrack song number 6 is Ledisi - In the Morning.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Distant Lover: Novel Soundtrack Song 5

Maintaining a relationship can become a chore when you add in the stress of a move. If one of the parties involved is forced or chooses to move miles away. How do you keep the love alive? In my debut novel, this scenario plays out on the pages. The blog discussion below digs deeper into that subject. But right here; Marvin does all the talking. Marvin Gaye, Distant Lover. Song 5 on The Last Ms. Understanding Soundtrack.

Long Distance Romance

Long distance dating can be draining both emotionally and financially. Time spent talking to a partner who is hundreds of miles away requires tons of patience. The fact that you are in a loving relationship but your partner is not there when you need them most can be depressing. Sometimes they seem so near yet so far.

On the flipside though, sometimes it is healthy for the relationship. A relationship that is facing or experiencing a rough stretch can find its cure in distance. Long distance relationships make people to really appreciate the fact that they cannot do without each other. Partners can really focus and see how much value their spouses mean to their lives. The partners get ample time to meditate and evaluate themselves on a personal level and what they want out of the relationship. Distance actually can bring a conflicting couple closer. It also can prove disastrous.

For most people the saying is true, seeing is believing and once out of sight you are also not in the mind. The soft spot that you had for that person adopts some sort of indifference. A coldness can set in. A couple that is always together has a lot of fire going between them unlike partners with a whole ocean standing between them. Unless such a couple is totally committed, the rigors of long distance relationship can eat away at their once sound foundation.

Have you ever been involved in a long distance relationship? How did things turn out?