Thursday, July 2, 2009

Long Distance Romance

Long distance dating can be draining both emotionally and financially. Time spent talking to a partner who is hundreds of miles away requires tons of patience. The fact that you are in a loving relationship but your partner is not there when you need them most can be depressing. Sometimes they seem so near yet so far.

On the flipside though, sometimes it is healthy for the relationship. A relationship that is facing or experiencing a rough stretch can find its cure in distance. Long distance relationships make people to really appreciate the fact that they cannot do without each other. Partners can really focus and see how much value their spouses mean to their lives. The partners get ample time to meditate and evaluate themselves on a personal level and what they want out of the relationship. Distance actually can bring a conflicting couple closer. It also can prove disastrous.

For most people the saying is true, seeing is believing and once out of sight you are also not in the mind. The soft spot that you had for that person adopts some sort of indifference. A coldness can set in. A couple that is always together has a lot of fire going between them unlike partners with a whole ocean standing between them. Unless such a couple is totally committed, the rigors of long distance relationship can eat away at their once sound foundation.

Have you ever been involved in a long distance relationship? How did things turn out?

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