Sunday, June 14, 2009

Dating a Successful Woman

Almost all men hate to admit that a successful woman intimidates them. A lot of men also find it extremely hard to even approach successful or wealthy women due to the fear of rejection. Not only is it about the wealth, but also the level of education. We live in an age of technology and competition, where more and more women are achieving more success than males. Not only can this hurt a man’s ego but it can also cause social insults.

Many men in this situation have found it difficult to mingle with colleagues and friends of their girlfriends, dates, or spouse. If he does not have the same status the he may fear being treated differently among her higher class social groups. This may cause a multitude of problems. Many times, if success levels are not equal, the relationship suffers in the long run, no matter the extent of the initial connection.

If you are a successful woman have you ever dated a man on a lower financial level than you? What do you think is the biggest reason that men are intimidated by a successful woman? Do financial or educational levels have to be equal for a relationship to last?

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  1. I think men have been programmed forever to be the leader, the head, the more accomplished and, in a time where things are changing, are not sure about how to let go of the power they feel they hold.

    Thanks for the blog today!

  2. Nice observation Val. I think men are going to have to just realize the change is here to stay. We must accept that fact...

  3. I'm not a man so I can only speak from the perspective of a professional woman. There is a certain level of confidence that a man must possess in order to be successful in his environment. You specifically targeted the financial and educational aspect which is the most common, but if a man is secure in himself then no matter who is around, he'll be fine.

    Most women are not that picky. Everyone has seen a woman with a man and has wondered what on earth does she see in him. I do believe that a lot of men are happy having a woman that makes more than them or that it is at most a non-issue especially with more and more men being raised by single mothers.

    With all I said, I would like to know what is up with women outpacing men so much in education? It seems as though pickings are very slim for my daughter and her friends in terms of finding men with common interests.

  4. I think attitude, confidence and self-esteem of both parties in a relationship plays a part on if they are successful.
    Each person needs to decide what makes them happy and be able to accept themselves and their partners and not let outside pressures define their relationships.

  5. As a man today, I see women really taking charge in the workforce and it can be intimidating. Alot of men claim that they want this "independent woman" but once the relationship gets going they start to have self doubt if they can't match up...