Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy

We all lead full lives. When you are very busy it is hard to imagine time for yourself, let alone planning and prioritizing that time. If you do create time to be alone...congratulations! (You're one of the few)

If you don’t, consider this: when you are not taking time out for yourself, you risk living a life that is disconnected from who you are. I'm willing to guess that it's difficult to remember what you did last Tuesday.

By taking time out just for you, to quiet your mind and have peace, you are able to reconnect your head with your heart. When you are disconnected you might find yourself anxious, indecisive and making decisions that please others rather than decisions that serve to create a better life for you. Take a little time to enjoy the simple things; perhaps a glass of wine or a good book (hint, hint)

It doesn’t have to be fancy or elaborate. All you have to do is simply schedule at least 15 minutes everyday for yourself. Choose a comfortable, quiet place—it can be anywhere, in a park, in your room. Take a deep breath, quiet your mind and settle down.

As you make this a daily practice or as often as you can you will begin to notice that you feel more grounded, relaxed and more content with your life.

How often do you feel run by your schedule?
Do you feel like there is not enough time in the day to achieve what you want?
Are you able to find relaxation time?

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