Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Keep Your Head Up

Sometimes the person we show to our mate is a mask. The mask says that we are confident. But behind the mask, tells the real story....
Many people have low self esteem and fear rejection.
You can only attract to you what you believe about yourself.
In other words, most times, you will get what you think you deserve. Only you know how you feel about yourself. So often, we want to be swept off our feet as we see on the movie screen or in a book. The term, "soul mate". Is that even possible, or realistic?
Soul Mate is defined as a strong magnetic ffinity to another person.It's easy to become attracted to the wrong person for what we need to fill in ourselves.Sometimes people falsely fill this hole looking outside of themselves. It doesn't work.Today, be courageous and look at your self esteem.
What connection is there between your self esteem and how you are being treated in your relationship?
When you improve your self esteem, you will attract the love you truly desire...
How important is self esteem in a relationship?
What can you do to build your loved one up?

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  1. A persons self esteem is very important. When you have high self esteem you won't allow anyone else to treat you bad.