Thursday, October 15, 2009

Meet Doris A. Johnson

Doris A.C. Johnson
“You’ll Never Be Ready Until You Do It”

I am a volunteer for the Michigan Epilepsy Foundation, a domestic violence activist and public speaker whose mission is to educate, inspire, and arm women with the mental ammunition necessary to stand and walk (even if it means taking baby steps) towards a better life. My first novel, “You’ll Never Be Ready Until You Do It” is a testament of my struggle that serves as an anthem for victims as well as the survivors of abuse. I am currently a third year Psychology major who aspires to use my experiences and passion as an avenue to commit myself to servicing the needs of women facing adversity.

What do you want readers to take away from this book?

I want readers to take away from my book that all things are possible, that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, that tomorrow comes in the morning and that change begins with self. When I was in the abusive relationship, I never felt ready to leave because their were obstacles at every turn and I contested the impediments initially with an assortment of reasons explaining why I couldn’t walk out…why I did not feel strong enough to leave…why I didn’t think I could make it on my own when I was already alone…alone with company. Take with you that sometimes no amount of planning and contemplation can prepare you to make a change and that you may never be ready until you do it.
Do you believe in writing outlines?

I believe in outlines and use them depending on how well structured and organized the topic upon which I am writing needs to be. In my first novel, “You’ll Never Be Ready Until You Do It”, I used a form of outlining because I compiled over 15 years worth of journals as the foundation and basis for my story. It was a great help. At the beginning of the book, I just free lanced or wrote spontaneously the information but because the story was inspired by actual events it was important for me to be organized to a certain degree for the sake of clarity. I believe that when a story line is experienced based it also needs to give off an air of naturalness to draw in the reader so that they are able to evoke emotions and appeal to the reading audience’s intellect.
What will keep the readers turning the pages?
I believe that what will keep readers turning the pages of this book is being able to relate to someone who is going through something that affects each of us on some level in our daily lives. When people read this book they are probably gaining a better understanding of why it takes so many women such a long time to break the chains of abuse and move towards a better life. I think the strength and charisma that the main character displays keeps the reader interested in what she will do next, and how she will handle each turning point in her life. The book is a nail biter, a crier, a laugher, and a beacon of hope for anyone who feels to weary to carry on.
How can we contact you?
Readers can learn more and contact me on,,, 313-247-8277

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