Monday, October 5, 2009

Meet Madison Taylor

Madison Taylor, Author
Title of Book: Scattered Lies
Release date: October, 2009

First I would like to say thank you for this opportunity. I see this as my first to many interviews.

Madison Taylor is the definition of hard work. 32, the eldest of three girls, raised in Bronx, NY, I was faced with many challenges. Strived to finish school and become a lawyer, I managed to obtain a Bachelors in Criminal Justice and currently in Graduate school to obtain my MPA at John Jay College.

I surmised myself as having a dramatic imagination and writing became my passion hobby. I’ve had this story in my head so long, it seemed like I had lived it. I had made so many excuses as to why this wouldn’t work and kept putting it on hold, but I was tired of reading the same stories over and over again and eventually decided my story would bring to the public a creative twist to the ghetto drama.

Tell us about your book----

I want readers to read Scattered Lies and take in the spirit of each character. Many fiction books are written and the story focuses on one character. My book brings you four stories of different lives that deceit brings together through a world wind of unpredictable events. I want readers to see that sometimes we will do anything for self preservation and when it comes to personal happiness nothing is sacred.
How do you write?
I am a spontaneous writer. I feel outlines limit my thought process. When I free write it gives me just that, freedom to write.
Why will readers keep turning pages?
The key page turner of Scattered Lies is the characters are relatable. A reader, man or women will see something in the book that will remind them of “that” time. Scattered Lies is also a dramatic novel that takes us on a unique journey of a different ghetto minus the clich├ęs’ of the more circulated street tales of sex, money and murder.
How can readers contact you?
Scattered Lies was self published through Influential Writers Publishing Company, owned by me, promoted and managed by One 2 NV Management Company.
I can be reached at: Influential Writers Publishing Company
621 Beverly Rancocas Road
PMB 145
Willingboro , NJ 08046

One 2 NV Management
621 Beverly Rancocas Road
PMB 134
Willingboro , NJ 08046

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