Friday, August 21, 2009

Who is Brooklynn Darkchild?

Author: Brooklyn Darkchild
Book Title: This Ain't No Hearts and Flowers Love Story Pt 1
Bio: Brooklyn Darkchild is a 47 years old mother of nine with a life long passion for writing. A New York transplant born and raised in the borough of Brooklyn, Ms. Darkchild has called Cincinnati, Ohio her home for the past twelve years. Her debut novel, This Ain't No Hearts and Flowers Love Story Pt 1, won the 2008 Reader Views Book of the Year Award in the Great Lakes/Regional category and placed third in the Spiritual/Religion category. A day care administrator, Ms. Darkchild is scheduled to publish This Ain't No.... Pt 2 in July 2009.

What do you want readers to take away from your book? >>>>That God has a purpose for everyone; and no matter what you've done, no matter how bad you think it is; God still loves you and He has the power to turn lives around. Obie and Princess were heavy into drugs and their sex lives were out of control, especially Obie's. The things they went through: abandonment, rape, stalkings, losing loved ones...all seemed like the worst things in the world while they were going through it, but in the end you can see how God used those "tragedies" to bring Obie and Princess closer to Him and each other.

Are you a believer in outlines, or do you write spontaneously? >>>>I believe a story writes itself. Once Upon a Time I actually thought I was the only one who heard Voices and ran to capture them on paper, but I've heard too many other writers say the same thing for me to feel Unique. I usually start with a beginning and an ending and build a story around that, but my stories have changed course way too often for me to even THINK about an "outline."

What do you think it is about your book that will keep readers turning the pages?
>>>>People want a story line that doesn't insult their intelligence. They want Real Issues, but they don't wanna be Beat Over The Head with them.They want characters they not only Care About but can Relate to. And This Ain't them all of that in a way that will have them crying one minute and rolling on the floor the next. This book is 300 pages of Non Stop Action. And I'm FUNNY.
How can readers learn more and get in contact with you? >>>> Visit my website:, or MySpace: for book excerpts and blog posts or visit my author's page on Goodreads for more about my books:

Like Jay-Z, I'm:
So Brooklyn!

Brooklyn Darkchild
Reader Views Award Winning Author of
This Ain't No Hearts and Flowers Love Story Pt 1
ISBN# 978-0-6151-6916-3
Read me at

I have to say, you have one of the most creative pen names in writing...keep doing your thing!
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