Monday, August 3, 2009

Who will you meet? The Interview List...

Author Interview Schedule:

August 10 Teryl Cartwright

August 14 Shelia Goss

August 17 Nikki Coe

August 21 Nicola Mitchell and Tinisha Johnson

August 24 Carol McPhee and Nikki Nicole G.C.

August 28 Cassandra Daniels

August 31 Brooklyn Darkchild and J.Love

September 4 Gordon Freerickson and Bill Voedisch

September 7 Marchel Alverson

September 11 Katie Hines and Caramel Vixen

September 14 Venita Louise and Mary Jo Kelso

September 18 Nicole Bradley and Jasmine Aherne

September21 Diane Martin and Marta Stephens

September 25 Sophia Simmons and Fran Lewis

September 28 Mark Turnbull and Gail McPharland

October 2 K.Lynn Brown and Timothy Stelly

October 5 Michelle Larks and Anthony Miner

October 9 Madison Taylor and Chevetta Burton

October 12 C.M. Albrecht

October 16 Doris A. Johnson and Carol Ann Culbert Johnson

October 19 Cynthia Tolliver

October 23 Deondriea and Marilyn Meredith

October 26 Nannette Buchanan

October 30 Aliyah Burke

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