Sunday, September 6, 2009

Hello Bill Voedisch

Author: Bill Voedisch
Title: "Citizen Mitten" ... "my life with a cat my family says was as nutty as me"
Format: 200 pages, 6" x 8", soft cover, 38 color photos.

General availability will be September 1st, 2009.

I'm not a professional writer and this is my first book. "Mitten" was my cat of a lifetime, a stray that found his way to me and stayed ... for nearly 20 years. He was a crazy cat just as Grogan's Marley was a crazy dog. Our adventures included extracting Mittie twice from major appliances, taking him to a sales meeting when I could find no one to care for him (what an adventure that was), and generally a life of fun and chaos. A scan of the chapter titles gives the reader a real sense of a family and its pets that must be about 5 degrees out of plumb.

Yet "Citizen Mitten" for all its fun, has its sadness, as it chronicles the death of several dogs and cats, and how we owe our pets a loving death with dignity. We firmly believe that when you bring that puppy or kitty home, along comes a very serious responsibility. You have that pet for its lifetime, and you provide it with a loving death. One chapter deals with the brutal realities of cancer in dogs. If you aren't up to this responsibility, then you have no business having a pet.

Cat and dog owners alike with enjoy "Citizen Mitten."

1. I want readers to take away a sense of the fun we have, and that they can have, with pets, and that in exchange for all that they give us, we then owe them something very profound in return ... a death with dignity.

2. I did a list of chapter titles that guided me, but no outlines after that.

3. The chaos that life can be with your special pets; they can be truly hilarious. It's mostly a fun book which will keep the reader going. And there are plenty of dog stories; it's not just about cats.

4. The best way to learn more about "Citizen Mitten" is to visit his web site at
You will find a more details "About the book" and "About the author" as well as the list of chapter titles and one sample chapter.
You will also find an email address to

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