Monday, September 28, 2009

Meet Gail McFarland

Author: Gail McFarland
DREAM RUNNER, Genesis Press, May 2008
DREAM KEEPER, Genesis Press, December 2008

Gail McFarland is the published author of more than 100 short stories, including IF EVER for Lady Leo Press. Later in 2009, she will also be a contributing a novella, THE TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX, to the Lady Leo Press anthology, CAN A SISTAH GET SOME LOVE?

Her novel-length work includes: SUMMERWIND (BET/Arabesque), THE BEST FOR LAST (Arabesque), WHEN LOVE CALLS (BET/Arabesque), BOUQUET (with Roberta Gayle and Anna Laurence, BET/Arabesque), LADY KILLER (LULU Books), ALL FOR LOVE (LULU Books), DREAM RUNNER (Genesis Press), and the upcoming sequel, DREAM KEEPER (Genesis Press).

A dedicated wellness/fitness advocate, Ms. McFarland is an active fitness instructor and consultant. Her community activities include working as a Health Promotion Specialist for the Association of Black Cardiologist’s Atlanta-based REACH program.

A native of Cleveland, Ohio, she attended Glenville High School and Cleveland State University. She now makes her home in Atlanta, Georgia.

What do you want readers to take away from your book?

I write romance for a reason -- I want people to know that love and passion are an integral part of the African-American experience and well worth sharing. I want readers to leave my work having appreciated and enjoyed a darn good story.
Are you a believer in outlines, or do you write spontaneously?

A little of both, actually. Because I write in a straight line (chapter one, chapter two, then chapter three, etc.) I generally begin with a basic outline. After I know how the chapters will flow and how my story begins and ends, I begin to fill in the blanks. This usually gets me to thinking, and I begin to spontaneouly add dialogue and action. By the time I finish, the outline can be over a hundred pages, but it makes the writing flow for me.
What do you think it is about your book that will keep readers turning the pages?

Good question. With DREAM RUNNER, it is the challenge of following a dream, but with DREAM KEEPER, it is the challenge of risking all to keep a dream alive. I have to say that even if I had not written both of these books, I would still love them. They feature characters that will resonate with readers, and capture their imaginations and their hearts -- I did tell you that I write romance, right? Well, these stories will take you THERE.
How can readers learn more and get in contact with you?
Personal contact information:
Gail McFarland
P.O. Box 56782
Atlanta, GA 30343


Websites: Author site
Book site

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