Monday, September 28, 2009

Mark Turnbull, author of Decision Most Deadly

Bio:I am 29 years old and live in Durham, England. I have one daughter, aged five. Since childhood, I have had a complete fascination with the 17th century and King Charles I. I enjoy writing, painting and family history research. I had been working on my first novel, Decision Most Deadly, intermittently for nearly ten years before I chose to self-publish it.
*What to take away from my book ?*
Enjoyment of the plotA sense that they could enter the 17th century and appreciate the periodMore awareness of just how this momentous civil war came about (which most books do not focus on, but simply deal with the more popular and eventful war itself)

*outlines or spontaneous ?*
I believe in both - I am spontaneous when it comes to writing initially, getting the scene and events written, but then I always have a set 'map' so I know where the bigger picture is going and my spontaneity is able to be channeled in the right direction.

*What keeps readers turning the pages ?*
I think it is the characters and their lives - the ability to relate to them, and see them realistically, instead of some glorious fakes that fit into a hero and villain slot. Also the ability to get close to the era and appreciate it in the full sense, with a plot that goes to the heart of government, taking you to some of the most crucial points in history. Having actual historical characters in the book also adds an interesting slant. The main fictional character is at the forefront of events and there is humour as well as tense moments and dramatic scenes.Again, the fact that most writing deals with the war itself, means that the book can offer a glimpse into what happened to start the civil war and what was it like as the country lurched closer to the precipice.

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