Monday, September 28, 2009

This is K.Lynn Brown...

K. Lynn Brown-
The name of her book is Control Issues.She resides in Farmington Hills, MI with her husband and two daughters.

What I want readers to take away from my book:I want my readers to realize that greed and the quest for money and success can often put a person in the position of losing those precious things in life that money can't buy. Things like love, trust, and respect.And that a person should never sacrifice their beliefs, morals, or integrity for money.
How I feel about outlines:I believe that the only purpose that an outline serves in creative writing is to create serious writers block. Writing comes from your heart and your soul and as such should run freely from your thoughts to paper. Taking time to organize in an outline stunts and hinders creative thought. I write freely without concern for punctuation and spelling. That comes later in the editing process. However it's important to edit very carefully. The worst thing in the world is a poorly edited book loaded with typing errors and misspellings.
Why I feel my book is a page turner:I feel that my book grabs readers quickly and holds it because it is not the typical romance novel. It is also very suspenseful and at times funny. It is also the type of book that all genders can read. I think a lot of readers see either themselves or someone they know in my book which makes it even more interesting.
More about K. Lynn Brown:Those interested in learning more about me can visit my site at and

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